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Who I am as an artist is "an observer".
I experience the art that flows through me to be a true, honest and passionate reflection of my experience.
Seeing the sublime in the mundane I witness the duality of creation and the kaleidoscopic nature of reality in this world of reflected light.
For me painting is meditation.
When I paint I become a conduit for the universal creative force that is expressed and manifested in my work. 
Sharing the positive essence of my experience is the reason I do art.
My intention is to inspire and awaken. 


Gene Kreyd, born 1964 in St. Petersburg Russia.
Gene’s art career began when he could first hold a pencil.
Exposed to art from a very young age, Gene’s parents took him to museums, galleries, and exhibitions.
As a child, he studied at an art club for children at the Hermitage museum where he won first place for a self portrait. The story and photo were published in one of the city’s main newspapers.
His parent's close circle of friends were among some of the leading Russian underground, nonconformist artists, poets and writers.
These surroundings had a strong influence on Gene’s approach and development as an artist.
In 1973 the family emigrated to the USA.
While living in California Gene discovered surfing which became a major source of inspiration for his artistic expression.
“From a very young age I loved nature, but surfing became the axis of my life”.
Gene studied Chinese internal arts and medicine, yoga, meditation as well as traditional fine art and art history.
Not fully satisfied with only the traditional approach Gene chose to put his main focus in learning by exploration and experimentation.
“I am an explorer. I am a graduate of the university of reality”
In the 1980s he started traveling the world extensively in search of waves and inspiration for his art.
Throughout his career, Gene has expressed his art through clothing design, film, music, and photography.
His true love, however, has always been and remains painting abstract art.
Exhibiting internationally, his paintings are in the hands of collectors in Europe, Russia, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.
His intention in creating art is to inspire and awaken.
Gene’s motto is to live the life you love.


2019 Kyoto Japan, Gallery G-77

2018 Jakarta, The Bridge Gallery

2017 Hong Kong, Red Square Gallery

2016 Singapore, Singapore AAF

2016 Singapore, Singapore Contemporary Art Fair

2016 Singapore, Singapore Contend

2016 Seoul, Korea Seoul AAF

2016 Jakarta, Indonesia Art Bazaar

2016 Jakarta, Indonesia Hermitage Hotel

2015 Hong Kong, Hong Kong Art Contemporary

2015 Hong Kong, AAF

2014-2016 Jakarta, Indonesia Vastu Home

2014-2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Sari Pacific Hotel

2015 Jakarta, Indonesia Veranda Hotel

2014 Jakarta, Indonesia Gran Melia Hotel

2013 Jakarta, Indonesia Four Seasons Hotel

2013 Russia, St. Petersburg, Erarta Contemporary Art Museum

2012 Moscow, Russia, Kinoteatr Oktyabr

2012 Moscow, Russia, Kinoteatr 35 Milimetrov

2012 Australia, Coolangatta, The Komune

2011 Bali, Indonesia, Taksu Gallery

2011 Bali, Indonesia, Deus

2011 Bali, Indonesia, El Kabron

2010 Moscow, Russia Shanti

2010 Moscow, Russia Krisha Mira

2009 Bali, Indonesia Black Dog

2008 Jakarta, Indonesia Koong Gallery

2007 Sydney, Australia Garage Gallery

2007 Panjim, India Fontaniha Art Festival

2006 Iowa City, U.S.A. Chait Gallery

1971 Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia.
( exhibition for children.) 1st Place. Photograph featured in one of the main newspapers.